John Mackay, 31 Valtos

Master Mariner JOHN MACKAY
Iain Uisdean
Last address in Lewis: 31 Valtos,
Son of Hugh and Ann Mackay
Service unit: Merchant Marine
Date of death: 31 January 1919 at the age of 47
Died at home
Local memorial: Uig, Timsgarry
Invalided October 1916 with pulmonary trouble. Was sailing on the Australian Coast and received his Master's Certificate in 1911.

John was the one of the children of Hugh (1837) and Ann (1845), the others being Angus (1869), Chirsty (1873), Donald (1878), Hugh (1890), Janet (1875), John (1882), Kenneth (1888) and Norman (1880).

His brother Norman served in the Durham Light Infantry, Donald with the Canadians, Hugh with the RAMC and John in the Merchant Navy. John died at home early in 1919. 

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