Duncan Anderson, 5 Kershader

Last address in Lewis: 5 Kershader,
Service unit: 2nd Seaforth Highlanders
Service number: 3/7424
Enlisted at Stornoway
Date of death: 11 April 1917 at the age of 22
Killed in action in France
Interred: Brown's Copse Cemetery, Roeux, grave II. E. 33.
Local memorial: Park, Kershader

War diary entry for 11 April 1917.

His brother Donald also served in the Seaforth Highlanders and his brother John was a second hand in the Merchant Navy.

Stornoway Gazette
Official intimation has been received that Corporal Duncan Anderson, 5 Kershader, is presumed to have been killed during the Somme advance. Corpl. Anderson was mobilised in August 1914, being at the time attached to the Seaforth militia. He was sent to France towards the end of that same year, and had been there ever since, having only once got leaving during all that time, when he spent a few days with his friends at home in the winter of 1915. He had seen a great deal of hard fighting, and passed scathless through it all. During the Somme offensive last year, through which he passed without a scratch, he was promoted Corporal and was made chief bomber of his company. A few days ago word was received that he was missing as from the 11th April, and it was reported later that he was presumed to have fallen in action on that date. His older brother, John, is in the Mercantile Marine, and his younger brother, Donald, has lately joined the Seaforths. He was about 22 years of age. 

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