Kenneth Macphail, 24 Arnol

Last address in Lewis: 24 Arnol,
Son of Malcolm and Catherine MacPhail.
Service unit: Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Pembroke
Service number: 3320/A
Date of birth: 26 February 1891
Date of death: 1 January 1919 at the age of 27
Drowned in sinking of HMY Iolaire
Interred: Bragar Old Church Yard and extension
Local memorial: West Side, Bragar

Was the only survivor from a merchant ship which was torpedoed in the Mediterranean. He was in the sea for 36 hours before being found. 

Kenneth appears in the 1901 census as the 10-year old son of Malcolm and Kate (both aged 52) at 24 Arnol. His siblings Angus (23), Kate (19) and Mary (13) are also present.

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